Family and Background


My wife and family are my greatest joys.  While I look to the future, my wife lives in the present. I am constantly amazed how she can make even the most mundane situation (a car breakdown on the side of the road?) into an occasion for a party. She is also way better at organizing and finding things that me. And she is a zany creative talent. I'd be really bored (and boring) without her.

Since I was a boy, I've always loved starting things; carnivals, plays, bands.  But the best part is seeing new friends join a project that's way too big for any of us alone, then watch each of us discover new gifts and roles along the way.  Like the way my wife and I complement each other, God always provides the right people with the right gifts to make things work.

In addition to our own projects, I do a fair amount of consulting and mentoring with other entrepreneurs and projects. 

The friends we make in the process and the divine eureka moments are the best parts of it all.